Do You Have to Pay Your Summer Intern?

By: Adam Hersh, Esquire With summer fast approaching many businesses are embarking on summer internships. While some internships are paid, many are not. This post focuses on the risks to the employer associated with unpaid internships. Contrary to popular belief, stating that an internship is unpaid does not mean that the intern is not entitled.. read more →

Is there a devil in the details of your employee handbook?

By: Adam Hersh, Esquire   One of the most common things we are asked to review is a Company’s employee handbook. The employee handbook is a very important document because it contains the policies of the employer, from paid time off to safety practices.  What many employers don’t realize is that it is just as.. read more →

The Fair Labor Standards Act: Understanding Minimum Wage, Overtime and Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

By Adam Hersh, Esquire   Every small business owner will eventually hear these words: minimum wage, overtime, and exempt vs. non-exempt employees.  They may have some idea what these terms mean but are likely uncertain how they apply to their business and employees. The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of these.. read more →

Complying With Regulations Governing Your Small Business

The start of a new year brings a new set of challenges for any small business. One of the most common sources of frustration for small business owners is how to comply with the regulations placed upon their business. Business owners know they need to comply with regulations but often times have no idea what.. read more →

Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?

Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past? I love to highlight smart businesses within our community, especially when the business is offering something as user friendly and desirable as Savvycard. I am using it and loving it and invite you to check it out. Free and premium versions are available. An e-business card and.. read more →

“Doing Business As” – Understanding the Difference Between an Entity Name, a Fictitious Name, a Domain Name, and a Trademark

Over the years representing small business owners I’ve witnessed a lot of confusion about the names used by businesses.  This is understandable given the terms flying around – fictitious name, domain name, trademark… So let’s take a moment to explain how these names differ from one another. Business Entity Name When we file an entity.. read more →

Corporate Leadership Collaboration – Profiling Vistage Florida

By Alissa Simon, Summer Associate for Hunter Business Law and J.D. Candidate May 2015 Yesterday Sheryl Hunter and I met with Cindy L. Hesterman, Chair of three Vistage groups in the greater Tampa Bay area. If you are a business owner or executive, this organization may be the ideal collaborative training and growth program for.. read more →

Empowering Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs at the Tampa Bay Innovation Center

By Alissa Simon, Summer Associate for Hunter Business Law and J.D. Candidate May 2015 For those technology-minded entrepreneurs in the bay area, this innovation-oriented company, with a history of helping local entrepreneurs for over ten years, may be able to assist potential business owners with the development of their ventures.  While striving to serve as.. read more →

Does Your Business Have “Curb Appeal”?

By Mike Ertel, CBI, M&AMI, CM&AA, Managing Director, Broker, Legacy M&A Advisors, LLC I saw this article in one of Mike Ertel’s newsletters and felt that it provided an important message using a clever analogy. Hunter Business Law offers “business health and wellness checkups” to help its clients stay in tip-top shape so that when.. read more →

Identity Theft Cases Reaching Unprecedented Numbers

By Kevin A. Cameron, CPA & Jolene T. Loos, CPA, C&L Value Advisors The number of reported cases of  identity theft for the purpose of filing fraudulent tax returns is reaching unprecedented numbers.  Tampa topped the charts with 88,724 potentially fraudulent returns filed, generating refunds of more than $468 million. (As reported by Eamon Javers, CNBC) The IRS has a.. read more →